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This Week's Issue

Bring some sparkle to your life

I don't know about you but I'm finding this lockdown harder to take and I know my kids are too, so any little prize comping can give will be a very welcome lift.
And if you want little luxuries that you wouldn't get otherwise, this week there's the chance to win a special Burns Night whisky worth £125 and a six-month flower subscription worth £125.
There's also a two-night UK glamping getaway for twenty worth £3,950


Put Blue Monday behind you with these great comps

Last Monday was Blue Monday and we are in lockdown, so I think the effects are dragging on longer than normal, so let's have a few comps to drive the blues away. This first one made me smile. I'm not sure how a cheese can be related to Blue Monday, but I like the promoter's imagination and timeliness... Win a case of vintage cider and 3kg of Blue Monday cheese