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This Week's Issue

Jet off on an all-inclusive family holiday to Corfu with today's update...

Last week I had some moisturiser turn up that I won; not 100% sure where it came from though! Not expecting much this week as towards the end of last week I did hardly any comps. I really couldn’t motivate myself and I have no idea why. But feeling back on it this week so will try and make up for my lack of entries. When I can’t be bothered with comping, I always spend some time looking back through all my wins


Have some glamping fun in Dorset with this week's SP Xtra...

Got my head right back into the game this week and have been entering lots of competitions after not really ‘feeling’ it last week! So, I am keeping my fingers crossed for some wins soon. I did have some moisturiser turn up from a win but no idea where from and also some poo pourri from Real People magazine! I’m gearing up for the end of the month now and trying to stay a few days ahead of closing dates. There are always tons of competitions around for the 31st which is next Friday so I want to be organised.