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This Week's Issue

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming, sounds much better than Winter is coming, especially after we had our first really frosty morning yesterday. And Christmas means Advent Competitions, which will start next week.
We've been planning our research and while it's madness for compers, for us the first few days of December are manic, trying to find and get as many competitions on the database as possible. Last year we managed over 400 and aim to do better this year. 
So, with Advent Competitions and your regular update, next Tuesday promises to be fantastic!


Christmas is coming early this year

I've already seen Christmas trees and lights up this year. I think most people are going to make a special effort this year, I know I'm being nagged into buying new decorations and I'll probably even give in. So even though it's not December yet I thought I'd join in with a Christmas Special! December starts next week and that means Advent Competitions! If you haven't done these before, they are a mad, crazy time to be a comper. Promoters run competitions with daily prizes, and the prizes get better the further you go into December.