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This Week's Issue

This would make your year

This would make Lizzie's, or anyone's year, a £25,000 kitchen, just for buying a bag of sugar. OK it will need a big slice of luck as well, but you have to be in it to win it! 
And that's the joy of comping, the chance to win something you would never dream of having otherwise. There's another kitchen worth £15,000 on offer as well!
These aren't the only 'once in a lifetime prizes on offer this week, how about a trip for two to the Philippines, Sri Lanka or Japan worth up to £2,996.


Just tell me how they know?

They've done it again, offering a year's supply of something when they can't possibly know what a year's supply is! In Lizzie's case a year's supply would be a teaspoon, and as I don't like rum either, mine would probably be the same, but if it's your tipple let me know if it meets your expectations... Win a year's supply of Hawksbill Rum (closes 15 May 2021) Every summer we hire some canoes and have a family day out on the River Leam, I've often thought about buying a couple of canoes and going more regularly. But the need for a roof rack and storage at home always put me off. So, when I saw the comp for an inflatable one, I knew I had to enter