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This Week's Issue

Make the most of this year's holiday hell

There are so many great new competitions this week that I almost don't know where to start.
So let's go for the big one - a Renault Twizy worth £12,000, now wouldn't that look good outside your house.
With all the disappointment and confusion about holiday's abroad there's the chance to make your stay at home more comfortable with a sofa set worth £1,500.
I also reckon that holiday comps could be getting a lot less entries than normal


More summer comps for you...

As I mentioned last week, my list of gardening jobs got longer and longer as the weekend went on. But at least the weather has stayed good and I'll be able to try and reduce the list over this weekend. So, I thought we should enjoy the sun and stick with the summer feel to the comps. But not without a little gripe!  We live next door to Warwick and so we've been to the castle a few times. It's a great day out, but you notice two things