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This Week's Issue

It shouldn't ever happen to a comper

Did you see the story last week about a chap who won a £30,000 sports car on a Tuesday and had totalled it by 6:30am the following day! Luckily he and his passenger were OK and walked away from the crash, but the car didn't look like it would be moving again.
We all dream of winning a car and Autotrader are giving you the chance to win a car every month. I can't see how many months they are going to run the comp for, but it must be for a while.


Don't tell anyone but...

I'll let you into a little secret, as a youth I was into punk music, in fact I still listen to it today, much to my kids annoyance (which does amuse me as I thought it was parents who should object to their kids music). But, my guilty pleasure was that I also liked ABBA, not something that I could admit in public, but luckily my sister had a few of their albums, so I wasn't reliant on radio alone to get my ABBA fix. Seeing the comp for a pair of tickets to see ABBA Mania, had me humming a few tunes in my head and I think I may well play some songs this evening. My only problem is I think my kids like ABBA!