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This Week's Issue

VIP your way to Royal Ascot!

I won a signed book on Twitter last week taking me to two wins for February. I’m extremely organised so far this year, keeping a day or 2 ahead of closing dates, clearing my emails regularly – thus sticking to my new year’s comping resolution! Which means I am really enjoying my hobby and being up to date on everything takes any ‘comping’ stress away! Long may this continue! Now that Valentines is out of the way you’ll see lots of Pancake Day comps doing the rounds. Often these will be creative ones; where promoters might ask to see pictures or you need to share recipes


Read on for your chance to win a watch worth £1,300!

It’s my wedding anniversary today - 16 years! As we edge closer to the 20-year mark I need to think about a celebratory holiday; which of course I will try to win. Not sure how I top Sri Lanka (won a few years back) and my Dubai cruise (to be taken later this year) but the hubby is going to expect me to pull something amazing out of the bag! Ha! No pressure!