Comp of the Week
Know any bright business sparks who could do with extra help promoting their own company, or do you have a little craft hobby you fancy turning into something bigger? Then don't miss your Simply Prizes competitions! We've got a one of a kind competition where you could take home £20,000 worth of funding for your business; £10,000 to develop it and another £10,000 advertising budget.

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I’ve got behind on clearing my emails again and I now have over 10,000 sitting in my inbox! So, this next week will be dedicated to organising myself again before hitting the comps. And although I know I won’t be winning much by not entering I need to concentrate my spare time on my unorganised emails otherwise I could end up missing a prize notification. I have had a couple of little wins over this last week; a book from Instagram and a family ticket to Hever Castle in Kent.