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This Week's Issue

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We celebrated my daughter’s baby shower at the weekend so not much comping was done here; however, we all had such a good time and now it really is countdown to baby Godden’s arrival! Personally, I think she might arrive early, she already weighs 6lb 6 too so if she’s on time she could be a bit of a chunk! I’m still sticking with my estimation of 7lb 3 because if she does come a bit early, I could be quids in on the sweepstake!


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It’s hard to believe that in less than 2 weeks-time we will be heading into August; is it just because I am older that time seems to fly?! Ha! And the younger two Fairmans break up from school on Tuesday too so I’ll be playing all round entertainer, referee and general dogsbody (along with the help of the Grandparents!).