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This Week's Issue

Quick, this closes tomorrow

I normally wouldn’t consider drinking a wine called Squealing Pig, I find a glass of wine relaxing and the idea of a squealing pig just doesn’t fit, it would put me in the wrong mood. But we’ve just found a comp to win a year's ASDA shopping worth £5,500 if you buy a bottle.

The key is that it closes tomorrow but no one in the research team saw it until last week, so I don’t think it has been promoted properly. I’ve no proof of this, but if I’m right, there could be lots less entries than normal for a prize like this.

Save money this Christmas

Another of the great things about comping is that it saves you money at Christmas. An extra bit of effort between now and the end of November can bring some great rewards. Not only can you get things for free, but you can win things you wouldn’t have thought of buying, just have a look at these prizes and think what great Christmas presents they would make - A NASA Apollo 15 watch worth £300