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This Week's Issue

You won't see a better selection of holiday's on offer

It's great to see VIP comps making a comeback and we have found some great ones for you this week with VIP tickets to an exclusive screening of Disney's Jungle Cruise and 3 x VIP Family weekend tickets for the Gone Wild festival with Bear Grylls.
And talking about families, I'm not sure if it's to do with the start of the summer holidays but I can't remember seeing such a great selection of family holiday comps at once


VIP comps are back and this is a great one

It might have started with a whimper, but I'm glad to see the Olympics are now front page news. And the first Team GB medal of the games was won by a lady I know and trained with at Coventry Judo Club, Chelsie Giles. I'm so pleased for her, not only is she a very hard-working athlete but she's a modest and lovely person as well. No one sent any Olympic comps in after my email last week, so I guess they must be thin on the ground.