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This Week's Issue

Two days to go, but don't miss these

Only two days to go until Advent Competitions start, the research team are ready and waiting, once again we aim to bring you the best Advent Competitions listings, last year we found over 800 comps and hope to do even better this time around. The Advent Competitions page on Simply Prizes won't go live until 1st December so don't worry if there is nothing displayed at the moment.
But before you get started on Advents, check out this week's regular comps


Goodies just for you...

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been looking at presents you can win for Christmas, but today let's go for some goodies just for you...

Win a Davidstow Christmas cheese gift-set  Win a sensational chocolate truffle bundle 

Advent Competitions went live today! If you haven't done them before, Advent Competitions are comps with prizes to be won daily until Christmas Eve