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This Week's Issue

This must be Lizzie's perfect prize

We took my eldest daughter up to Leeds at the weekend, she's moving there. I think all the family will miss her, but that's life as they grow up. You know it's going to happen, in fact, in some ways you can't wait for them to leave and give you a bit of freedom. But it leaves a hole as well.
We took her on a reconnaissance visit a few weeks ago, and a large part of the trip was taken up clothes shopping with her younger sister


Win their biggest ever cash prize, £125,000

I loved the story around the comp in the US to win your own sweet factory. It was inspired by the Golden Tickets from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, but rather than just being a lucky dip, people had to solve a series of clues and find the tickets. There were 50 tickets, 49 worth $5,000 each but the big one won you your own sweet factory! The chap who won, Andrew Mass, must have really got into the idea.