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This Week's Issue

A great way to watch a film and win some really big prizes...

Garden parties are in style this year - last night a couple of houses down the street had a very noisy 18th, but I’m not complaining as my eldest daughter turned 18 in the middle of lockdown and so couldn't really celebrate at all.
But this week you could win an outdoor movie screen and projector, how cool would that be! If we get some decent weather that would make watching a film in the evening really special, and even without the weather we could always wrap up in blankets


I can't quite believe the cost of this!

Let’s start with a quick update on Prize Hook. I emailed them asking how the service works last week but haven’t heard anything back, so I decided to call them. And to be fair the call was answered quickly and politely. But the customer service is obviously outsourced to a third party, rather than run by Prize Hook themselves and the lady who answered that call couldn’t answer any of my questions about how the prize draw worked, which is a bit surprising as this is the core to what they are offering. In fact, she said ‘I’m only customer service. I don’t know anything about the prize draw’