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This Week's Issue

Grab 3 friends and head off on a road trip to the Women's World Cup Final!

I can’t believe the weekend has gone already; the hubby and I have spent the whole time decorating the youngest daughter’s bedroom – she’s had a total revamp and we have lived on hardly any sleep, paint fumes, take-aways and gin! Needless to say, I haven’t comped for a good few days and yesterday evening I was far too tired.


VIP it all the way to Edinburgh with Virgin Money...

After spending last weekend decorating, I am looking forward to devoting some time to entering competitions this coming one; I’ve been really slack lately and family stuff has taken over (which is fine obviously) but I rather fancy winning some things again! I did manage to grab a little win from Twitter though – a BBQ cleaning utensil – one for the hubby; although not too sure he appreciated my winning gift! Ha!