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This Week's Issue

I call it child cruelty...

Child cruelty I would call it, but for some people winning the full Man Utd kit for their offspring would be a great prize. It reminds me of when my sister bought her son a Blackburn fan, the Man Utd away top because she thought it 'looked nice'. The poor lad had to wear it to keep her happy (and take it off as soon as he got outside the house). 
When I explained the error of her ways, she just looked at me blankly and muttered something about 'being silly'. So that Christmas I bought my nephew the Blackburn top and my sister still couldn't understand why he thought it was so good and always wanted to wear it.


No more football...

I've been told by Lizzie 'no more football!' I'll do my best. So, the first comp takes me back to my youth when I did silly things like just booking a flight and working out what happened afterwards - win a Wanderlust goodie bag  (closes 12th October 2020)  In my travelling years I read an amazing amount of books. I wasn't the only one, every cafe and bar in the Far East had a Westerner reading a book. I still do this now, it's an amazing antidote to the stresses of life. Enjoy a good book and see if you can Agatha Christie bundle (closes 15th October 2020) And I haven't forgot the big prizes, how about a... 4K TV, TV speaker and a drinks fridge (closes 22nd September 2020)