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This Week's Issue

Why I have to be careful about getting grumpy

I’ve always wanted to take my youngest to the winter light festival at Blenheim Palace but never got round to it. This week there’s a comp to win a mid-week stay at Foxhill Manor, the question refers to Blenheim’s light festival, so I assume the Manor must be local.
My problem is, if I win then I want to escape the kids with Lizzie, not take them with me. Would I feel too guilty to do it? It would be nice to win and test myself.
I’m not much of a camping sort, and when I first heard about inflatable tents, I wasn’t sure if my lad was having me on


An inspiration to us all

Two of my aunts both bought this book for my youngest daughter last Christmas and with this comp you also get a print for the wall as well. It's a great read and it's not just for girls, it's an inspiration for us all... A copy of and a print from Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (closes 1st November 2020) And talking of prints that would make good presents how about... A Posterhaste personalised framed print (closes 13th November 2020) I don't want to get too Christmassy when it's not even November, it's still autumn and the leaves are falling on our grass and getting Lizzie annoyed, she's using the mower to collect them up but the next morning the lawn is covered again