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This Week's Issue

It's Advent Competition time

It's Advent Competition time, click on the Advent icon in the top menu bar and you will see more than 200 listed already and the team are busy, adding more as I write.

Advents are hard work but worth it, but don't forget we added our normal update of over 150 brand new comps in yesterday's regular update as well. Including the chance to win a state of the art coffee machine, which will help as you get closer to Christmas and Advents become hard work.


Over 600 and counting

Two days into Advent Competitions, so it's too early to ask for winning stories but there are well over 600 comps listed in the Advent Comps section already, looks like it's going to be a bumper year! If you haven't signed up yet – click here – and join us, there's no ongoing subscription, you can join Simply Prizes just for December. Keeping with the Christmas theme, all these would make great presents and close before the Royal Mail's last second-class posting date...