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This Week's Issue

Grab Your Chance to Experience the Northern Lights.....

As you can probably imagine comping has been at the back of my mind this last week and instead, I have been enjoying lots of new-born cuddles with my Granddaughter. However, I am trying to motivate myself to get back into the competitions and am scouting out all the baby ones!


Treat your friends to drinks and pizza at Zizzi!

Finally getting back into my comping after spending last week completely distracted by a gorgeous little pink bundle of loveliness in the shape of my new Granddaughter. However, now I am really going all out on the baby comps in the hope that I can win her some super cute things! And I have got some time off over the next few weeks and I plan on getting on top of my emails as they have really got the better of me these last few months and I have been a bit slack on clearing them. I know once I have sorted them, I’ll feel a lot better too!